Sunday, May 8, 2011

Illustration Sunday.... Guest artists

Since it is Mother's Day I though I would share the beautiful art work that I received as gifts this year from my two favorite kids.

*****Happy Mother's Day !!*****


embracingitall said...

I think you have some budding artists there. My girls made me special cut out drawings. I loved what they made. Hope you had a wonderful day. Jacinta

house full of jays said...

These are terrific! What talented children!

Kristina Strain said...

That top one is really impressive! Was it made using batik?
Sweetfern Handmade

simona said...

these are actually really good! seems like they've inherited some nice talent!!

Mama Gone Green said...

Wow! What beautiful gifts!

Heidi said...

Thanks everyone, My daughter grew up with me stressing out over finishing art project for college, She used to paint or color furiously saying " i have got to get my work done" when she was just a toddler. This really shows how our children mirror our own behavior, good and bad.
Kristina, the top was a watercolor that my daughter did in a after school workshop. Her school actually has no regular art classes!