Monday, April 25, 2011

Illustration Su...Monday

I didn't get on the computer yesterday due to the holiday so it is Illustration Sunmonday today.
We had our first real warm spring day on Saturday and in the early evening I snuck out onto the porch with a bit of wine and sketched in the sun while Solomon took a late nap.
I just love Hollyhocks and I dream of them growing triumphantly in front of my future house someday. I did plant a few seeds this Spring and have an old Hollyhock plant that came up on its own this year. I am sure I will boast about it if it actually grows into a blooming plant. That was the inspiration of the drawing this week,simple enough.
I am hoping to get this painted by next Sunday to show you all. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here is to more sunny days in the future, more sketching in the sun on the porch, and of course, more wine. ;)


witte's end studio said...

this is going to make a great painting, heidi, nice drawing. if i could be so bold, when you do paint the flowers squint at your source photo and see where the flowers seems to blend in with the background (it usually on the shadow side). try to lose that edge and make the paint from the flower blend into the background color. i am going to anxiously await next sunday. have a great week. give the kids a hug for me. even that big kid ben!

mb said...

so pretty! :)

Mama Gone Green said...

beautiful, of course!