Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick (Spring) Break....

My lack of blogging is not because we were on some really great family vacation for spring break, but because I have been sick for the entire break. We usually try and go yurt camping for a day or two during the break, but we didn't plan any getaways this year and I am glad because I would not have been able to enjoy it.
I am feeling really behind in everything. This bug has zapped a really good flow of motivation that I was in. I am hoping to finally be on the mend and have my energy and determination restored.
The kids and I still managed to get out here and there during the week and on Papa's day off we went on a quest to a river in the mountains to check out a new rock hunting spot.

spring2011 050

spring2011 052
The water is an amazing blue green color and in the deeper spots a dark emerald, the photo really does not do it justice, it is just gorgeous.

spring2011 053
Solomon loves visiting rivers and lakes and the ocean. He has been rockhunting with me since he was a newborn in a sling on my belly. I hope he still enjoys it when he is older, it would be great to have a common hobby we could share throughout the years as he grows into a man.

spring2011 054

spring2011 056
Papa thinks he found a fresh bear print in the sand.

spring2011 055
Did someone say Bear? Time to go!
spring2011 057
Not sure if it was or not but we didn't stick around much longer after that. It is spring afterall and I would hate to come across a very HUNGRY bear.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

what great photos- hope you are on the mend-
My monkeys love to rock and fossil hunt with us- it is one of our favorite things to do as a family. said...

baaaaaaaa! scary!

p.s. Solomon is beautiful!! :)

Mama Gone Green said...

Hope you are feeling better! Love the photos.

Hope said...

Love the photos!!!! That river looks gorgeous!!


Melissa said...

What a gorgeous river! I wouldn't be hanging around waiting for a hungry bear either.