Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn crafting...and a giveaway!

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Here is the latest craftalong project from The Children's Year by Cooper,Fynes-Clinton, and Rowling. This is project # 55 on Page 71, Slippers,Sock and Baby Booties. I chose to make the booties without adding the tie, but there are several variations. I used Patons Classic Wool in the colorway Lotus. This yarn is just perfect for the fall. My son wore them to the market today and got complemented on them. I see several more projects coming soon with this pattern, It even goes up to adult sizes.

I also though I would share our latest craft project we created in my little art class, Paper Plate Spider Webs!
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All you need for this project is a bit of yarn, a paper plate, scissors,a glue stick, a black pipe cleaner...and glitter is optional. Just cut a slit around the edge of a paper plate every inch or so.Cut a piece of yarn about a yard long. Then tie the Yarn around the plate pulling the yarn into two of the slits you made opposite form each other, then wrap the yarn around the plate anyway you chose to make your web, wrapping to the opposite slit on the plate makes the most obvious looking web. Then tie in the back when you run out of yarn. If you want to add glitter for a dewy web sparkle, rub a glue stick on the web strands and sprinkle glitter onto the plate. Then cover the web with another paper plate and carefully shake it to coat the web as much as possible. Then shake off the access glitter. The spider was made by cutting 4 equal pieces of black pipe cleaner and folding them in half and twisting all of the pieces together in the middle. Bending one of the spiders legs onto the web helps to keep it in place. This was a fun craft for the youngest friend in class who was 3 , and fun for me as well. Little crafters will need some help with this one.

Also check out the HumbleLuna Giveaway going on at Gardenmama for a chance to win this dragon tail!
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gardenmama said...

oh! the slippers are amazing! i love the yarn you chose, i wish i could knit a bit better i would knit these right up!

Mama Gone Green said...

cute! I really like how the slippers came out! Perfect day to wear them....

nocton4 said...

lovely to find you via garden mama, what a great giveaway, love those boots too, have knitted them many times, infact just had a giveaway on my blog for a pair lol small but lovely world.

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh gosh I've got to get going on the craft a long. . .I have made these before though, does that count? ;)
I love yours- love the color!