Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A storybook hike....

Yesterday we discovered a beautiful garden. It was lovely...and I felt as though I was walking into a storybook. It was a dark and damp morning and my camera was not cooperating very well. The pictures just do not do this place justice. On our hike we ran into a beautiful young male deer, I almost didn't believe he was real.
I love discovering new places, and this one was so very close to home.It is hard to believe we never saw it in the 8 years we have lived here. A hidden gem. A place of peace.

fall2010 168

fall2010 164

fall2010 176

fall2010 175

fall2010 172

fall2010 174

fall2010 187

fall2010 180

fall2010 179

fall2010 186

fall2010 189

fall2010 193

I just love this Sleepy Hollow themed weather vane.