Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn rest......

I have been very busy lately and have been spending many hours at the sewing machine making costumes for HumbleLuna. I also just dropped of six dragon tails at Piccolina, each one is a different color variation, so if you are in Portland and need a last minute costume for Halloween stop on by. I am just now able to get a start on the costumes for my own kids. Fingers crossed that time will be kind to me as far as that goes.
We also have Grandparents visiting us for a few days. So in between all the sewing and last minute frantic house cleaning we have spent some much needed moments out in natures Autumn glory....

fall2010 159

fall2010 161

fall2010 144

fall2010 149

fall2010 145

fall2010 162

fall2010 154

fall2010 160


busygnomes said...

How beautiful it is where you live, you are so lucky.

Tessa said...

I LOVE the pic of the tree roots. You have a way with the camera, girl!
My parents aka g'ma and g'pa were just visiting and JUST left (like two minutes ago). It's bittersweet to have them go. Miss you. Hope to see you one of these years. If you're ever up for a trip to's closer and probably cheaper than traveling to WI. xoxox