Monday, October 28, 2013


I have a few fun new costumes to share that are brand new this year to my Etsy shop, HumbleLuna.
Introducing the Gnomes!



The Gnome boy has a fun swirly beard.....

And the girl has long braids and a flower in her cap...



The gnome costumes are inspired by a Halloween costume I made for Solomon four years ago when he was Nalah's can see it here.
These new costumes were also inspired by an awesome thrift store find from several months back. I found this beautiful Gnome pop up book that is over 30 years old in mint condition. All of the pop up elements still work!! There are gears to turn and gnomes to slide and tabs to pull and the best part is the last page where the gnome is playing on a tiny swing that really swings. I was so thrilled to find this treasure I almost couldn't believe it. I have a weak spot for beautiful Children's books. Since Nalah is still very wee and likes to rip things and color in every book she finds I have it stashed away in a safe place. We take it out and look at it often, But I can seem to leave this wonderful book out where it could be damaged.




The Gnome hats are currently made to order. In the very near future I am planning to make different colors options available for the hats and the beard/braid colors. I may even sell them pre-made in different sizes. At the moment I feel more comfortable making custom hats to insure it is a good fit, I think once I make a zillion of these I will have the sizing down. I am also planning to make some Christmas Gnomes since the white bearded gnome could easily also be a Santa costume!
If you are interested in my Gnome hats please visit my Etsy shop Here.
Thank you so much, your support of my handmade costumes helps my family a great deal and we are very grateful for each and every sale.


April said...

Looooove! Those are fantastic :)

Mama Gone Green said...

what an amazing book find. And both of your gnomes are adorable!