Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn day trippin'...

This October has blessed us with amazing weather the last few weeks, nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures. Our family time is precious and rare these days and I have had a major urge to get out and enjoy the weather while it is so glorious. Ben is so sweet to agree to my spontaneous road trips despite having to travel so far for work during the week.
This weekend we traveled east along the Columbia River on Saturday for a visit to my new favorite thrift store to track down some missing element of our Halloween costumes, and a trip to an off the beaten path pumpkin patch with no crowds and a free corn maze.
On Sunday we headed west to a beautiful park in the Columbia River Gorge near the bridge of the gods. We got a close look of the river boats and walked out to a small island in the river with an amazing view. 
When our time together is so rare it is even harder to stay home and tackle chores and paperwork and costume orders. Lately we have been blowing it all of to just hang out and have fun. Which is fun at the moment but Sunday evenings are always a mad scramble to catch up on all the things we ignored all weekend, which is not so fun. Our carefree weekends make Mondays even harder. I sure wish we could be together as family more than two days a week it would take a little pressure off the weekends.












Mama Gone Green said...

great photos!!

April said...

Lovely! I'm also quite the 'let's go for a drive' type when we have our rare family days!