Monday, December 31, 2012

Five times around the sun

Five years ago tonight I left my house for the Birth Center just before midnight as the fireworks were shooting of down by the river. A few hours later in the very early morning my second child was born in water by candle light. I fell immediately and deeply  in love.
Our sweet son, our only boy, my favorite guy in the whole world, Solomon.
Our New Years baby. A new year, a new life. A precious new beginning.
I am so very glad he came.



I love my funny guy so very very much. Something magical happened the day he was born and I have been a happier person ever since. I am so blessed to be his mama!

****Happy Fifth Birthday Solomon!*****


Mama Gone Green said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Sollie and happy birth day to you mama!

house full of jays said...

Happy birthday, beautiful boy! So wonderful how these little people change everything in their full-hearted way.
(And Happy New Year, family!)

April said...

Aw, a new years baby. <3 this! I must meet this little man someday! :)