Thursday, December 6, 2012

A tree story, and the flu..

I planned on posting this past weekend but my two youngest children and I got the stomach flu Sunday night  which was then immediately followed by a head cold of some sort so we are all pretty worn out around here. I should post a picture of how awful I look right now, its pretty bad. Poor Sollie missed his school picture day.
Last weekend before all the illness we were able to get out and find the perfect Christmas tree.
We were out taking a drive in the country just and saw a sign on the side of the road for 10$ Christmas trees! Yes! I thought it was too good to be true but we followed the signs to check it out.
A really sweet family, with lots of men dressed in camouflage(which reminded me of my brothers back home) and their children were selling trees that were grown right in their own front yard. 
Any tree any size 10 bucks! I can tell you if we bought that same tree in town it would have been over 50$ for sure. 

 So Solomon spotted the perfect tree.....

and got to watch them cut it down....

  and help Papa tie it on tight for the drive back to the city...


Meanwhile, Nalah and I were distracted....



Why does it look so much bigger when you get it home?

and tasty too..

Nalah thinks it is pretty great...


Can you tell Solomon decorated the tree? You never know what your going to find in it :)


Jackie Cruse said...

I am glad you guys are feeling better and I love your Xmas tree.
Happy Holidays,

April said...

So great - 10 bucks, can't beat that! I'm sorry you guys are all sick, hope you feel better soon!

Mama Gone Green said...

Yay! What a great tree adventure. Man, that sickness was the plague for sure. I am still nauseous and have heartburn (which I never have unless I am preggos). Yuck. Hope you all start feeling better soon. Let's hang out when you are well. xo

Wintry said...

I love the tree eating photos! Hope you are on the mend!! Lets get together soon!