Friday, September 7, 2012

Our first harvest...

So excited to actually be growing something in our garden this year!
The move from the upstairs to the downstairs also came with the benefit of having a south facing garden this year with lots of sun!
This is a photo of our first harvest a few weeks ago. Our zucchini plant has slowed down in production since then but the tomatoes are going strong and we have a few mystery veggies coming along(not sure if its summer squash or cucumber yet.  Our peppers are just starting to fruit and Solomon has a few good sized watermelons that are getting bigger too. How fun!
Got zucchinis at your place? I found this recipe and it is so stinking good, plus I found a way to get Solomon to eat something green,finally ;)

Nalah's Morning Glories are in full bloom too! 
I am still kinda sad over the loss of Sophie's sunflower starts to the snails earlier this summer... as they would be beautiful right now.
Hoping to show pictures of Solomon with his prize watermelon in a few weeks.


MamaWestWind said...

Beautiful harvest! We've been eating lots of zucchini muffins and so glad the kids like them. Tried apple muffins yesterday and no one is eating them but me! Your little babe down below is so darling! Love that stage of babyhood.

April said...


Mama Gone Green said...

My kids will always eat zucchini muffins too, even though they "hate" zucchini.

house full of jays said...

I'm looking forward to seeing those watermelons!
Nalah's morning glory looks beautiful!