Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halfway around the sun!


I can hardly believe it, 6 months old today?! 
Where did the time go?
I should know how fleeting the baby stage is, I mean, I have been there before.
Poor girl, along for a crazy ride, not like a first and only baby who doesn't have the sibling competition or a second baby after a long age gap from the first.
Hardly ever gets to nap, seems whenever she falls asleep I am waking her to take someone else somewhere else. Only catches small catnaps on mamas back whenever she can.
I have mama guilt. I want to dote on my sweet baby goose.
Stop time and just be with her.
Savoring her.
Cherishing her.
Oh how I cherish her.

I was feeling guilty that I didn't have an awesome photo shoot today or do anything out of the ordinary to celebrate this half-Birthday. We spent a good portion of our morning waiting around at the bank...although being in a long line of new faces to smile at and flirt with she was pretty much in heaven actually. Especially when she got loud squeaky baby hic-ups and the whole bank of folks was giggling at her..(yes this also happened at sisters 5th grade promotion ;)
Solomon and I did sneak in a trip to the toy store while Nalah dozed and picked out a new cool wooden rattle for her.
Being a third baby isn't so bad, she is ever so adored by her siblings,
and oh how she adores them too.....
She is noticing animals now and make her own battle cry sound when she sees one about. Every time one of our cats or Grandpa's dog pass by her they leave minus a tiny fist full of hair. But they keep coming back. They love her too.
And she can say "hi". She freaked out a few sweet ladies at the fabric store the other morning.
I swear I woke bright and early the other day to "Hi Paa Paa"... too bad Papa was already gone for work.
Thanks for joining us on this wonderful journey of life sweet Nalah.
I couldn't imagine it without you.


April said...

It really is flying by so fast, huh? She is such a beauty! Hazel just started saying "heeeey!" lately ... not quite sure she gets what she's saying, but it's hilarious nonetheless.

And don't worry she knows she is loved and cherished :)

Mama Gone Green said...

She is so sweet! I can't believe it has already been 6 months! At least with the kids in school, you and N will be able to sneak in a few solo moments each week... ;)