Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yarn Along

 I finished the mermaid tail for Nalah. I really need to get some pictures of her in it soon before she grows out of it. I will try and get some cute photos taken by the next yarn along of her actually in it.



I am currently reading High Tide in Tucson by Barbara Kingsolver and I now have a major urge to go out and get a hermit crab ever since I read the first chapter. She is just so fantastic, such a wonderful storyteller.
I am not currently knitting anything but have been staring at this beautiful skein of Malabrigo twist in the colorway called "liquid ambar". I am so in love with the colors in this skein and it is also ridiculously soft. This skein has been hiding in my stash for about a year. I kinda want to make something for the baby but also kinda want to make something for myself. I only have one skein so I am pretty limited on what I can do....but it just so pretty that I put it out on the living room table for inspiration...Suggestions very much welcome!
What are you reading and knitting? Join along with Ginny!

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