Saturday, July 7, 2012

In the cool forest.....





Most of the country has been consumed by a heat wave  for the last several weeks except for our little bubble of the Pacific Northwest. These photos are from last weekend and I was wearing a sweater, I mean come on. SO ready for summer. Especially since I spent all of last summer in bed sicker than I have ever been, I need to make up for that time lost this year ;) Although with a new baby swimming in wild mountain rivers and hiking when it is 90 degrees outside isn't going to happen any time soon. Oh well, I am not complaining :) Bring on the summer heat..and the garden hose.
Luckily we are getting some summer weather this weekend. I am hiding out in the house while the little kids are napping and our car gets new tires for a short little roadtrip next weekend. I cant wait!


Mama Gone Green said...

love that last picture! Don't think I am going to the fair.... seems like too much work for a solo day trip. Bummer. Maybe next year?

April said...

Hey! Your roadtrip is very close to my house! Well be at the country fair on friday all day .. If you want to met in person if love to!