Saturday, August 21, 2010

Snowflakes in the summer....

knittingsewingsolliesummer 076

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Back in June I spent a glorious morning browsing the huge local fabric shop. I was by myself so I was really able to take my time( my little guy turns into a demon of some sort whenever he enters that building). I chose fabric very carefully that day putting back bolts, and changing my mind several times before I felt satisfied with my picks.
I couldn't wait to get started on a summer dress. So I started cutting out my pattern as soon as I got home. After several minutes of staring at my fabric...I saw it....A SNOWFLAKE! The fabric that I chose had snowflakes on it! I couldn't believe it. How did I not see them at the store? The fabric is brown and gold and red and I thought it looked Scandinavian....but not full of snowflakes and holly...which it is. The fabric is called Montana Modern.
I was heart broken but went on to complete my dress anyway(the pattern is Simplicity # 3807). My husband assures me he sees flowers, not snowflakes which is what I originally thought they were... until I noticed the holly.
So this dress has been neglected this summer. I have only wore it once, to Pub knitting. But I am starting to like it again as it gets closer to Autumn. I will have to knit a sweater to go along with it so I can really rock this baby at Christmas time.


Wintry said...

I still don't see snowflakes on it. Sorry again I bailed on pub knitting. Beautiful dress!!

Mama Gone Green said...

I think it is wonderful, whatever it is adorned with. You should rock it all year long!!

angelina said...

beautiful. what is the pattern you used?