Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One skein short ......

unfinished sweater front

knitting 002

unfinished sweater



The "Tea Leaves" sweater by Melissa LaBarre caught my eye several months ago and I was hooked, I had to make it. My first sweater for me. The problem was I really wanted the colorway that was shown in the pattern(The yarn used for this project is called Madelinetosh and the color way is Tannehill) but I could not find it anywhere. It was out of stock in every on-line yarn store that retailed Madelinetosh yarn. So I got put on a wait list and four month later I got a notice it was available.....
Here is where the trouble starts. They had 4 skeins in stock, and my sweater called for 5. But me, being impatient and knowing how popular and hard to find this yarn was, I bought the 4 skeins and figured I would just get another when I got to that point.
So here I am, many many months after I first spotted the sweater, and in the middle of the hottest part of summer, at that point.
So I needed to find just one more skein. The store where I got the first 4 isn't carrying the yarn anymore so I found another shop, that did. I ordered my yarn and when it got here the colorway was WAY different than the other skeins I had used to make my sweater. It is much brighter and the colors are much more saturated...way too different to use. UGH! My sweater remains incomplete.
So I could go on and on buying skeins on-line and getting colorways that don't match. But yarn is expensive and I have no money to spare at this time. Madelinetosh yarn is dyed in very small dye lots and the labels do not have lot numbers on them. I emailed all the local yarn shops asking if they carried Madelinetosh yarn in the colorway that I am aching to find. And there are many, many local yarn shops in Portland.
But one place(the closest to my house, actually) got back to me and they are waiting on a shipment of the very same yarn that I am seeking. So I am hoping when it gets there I can go down with my sweater in hand and find a skein that comes just close enough so that I can finish it. I will keep you posted. Fingers crossed.


Tessa said...

the sweater is beautiful but not as beautiful as YOU dear. You are as pretty as ever. xoxoxo

Mama Gone Green said...

Me and my 2 different shaded legwarmers feel your pain!!
It looks great so far!