Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On a Seed

This was the goal of the leaf and the root.
For this did the blossom burn its hour.
This little grain is the ultimate fruit.
This is the awesome vessel of power.

For this is the source of the root and the bud.....
World unto world unto world remolded.
This is the seed,compact of god,
Wherein all mystery is enfolded.
-Georgie Starbuck Galbraith

The snails and slugs are busy eating our they were last year. The have consumed the bottom half of our peas and already took out an entire 5 foot row of carrots. Any tips on how to get rid of them? They are destroying our little garden before it even has a chance. I planted two new rows of carrots and hopefully they will not get devoured before they are even two inches high.
The strawberries are doing great. I am wondering if they will produce normal looking fruit this year. Check out the strange fruit they made last year.
Bring on the sun!


Mama Gone Green said...

We are having our garden DESTROYED by slugs. I started encircling the bottom of each plant with a ring of pennies (the pennies have to touch). The copper in the pennies gives them some sort of electrical shock, which they obviously dislike. I was hesitant at first, but we have had some great success over here!
I am going to add some penny photos to my blog soon.

Wintry said...

You can also buy copper tape to put at the base of your plants (don't know what it costs, so not sure which is the cheaper way to go). You can always put some beer out for them to drink (and drown) in. That won't get them all, but it helps lower their numbers. I also read somewhere to go out at night (every night) and pick them off your plants and drown them (you can fling them, but they'll just come back). Seems like quite the undertaking when you can just stop them with pennies. Can you tell I've done some research? : )

Unknown said...

Great poem....I have no idea how to get rid of bugs. We have been gardening for 4 years now and haven't had any issues. I am sure there are some great online resources...good luck Mama!!

Cheryl said...

We use broken up egg shells as a continuous wide ring around plants until they can survive. I've heard coffee grinds work as well. I can vouch for the copper tape. I put it around the base of tubs and on the legs of our seedling benches. I love the idea of copper pennies. Probably a cheaper way of doing it,as the tape is not cheap. It would be pretty to glue them to the pots.