Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exploring something new ,take two

Here are a few more photos of our day exploring new places in Oregon. The Santiam River and Detroit lake are a few miles East of Salem. We planned to picnic near the river and play by the shore, but the rivers are all running very high from all the rain we have been having, high and dangerous, not good at all for little people to swim in.
Well, Sophie, being very determined to swim, sported her suit anyway( in case you were wondering why she had a swimsuit on while hiking in the previous post). We learned that Detroit Lake was just a few more miles east and so we decided we better explore there too.

santiamriverdetroitlake 039

Trying to swim in a tiny riverside pool...
santiamriverdetroitlake 007

...but just a few feet away.....!
santiamriverdetroitlake 009

The Lake...
santiamriverdetroitlake 059

Sophie gets her wish...
santiamriverdetroitlake 054

Check out this proud mama....
santiamriverdetroitlake 060

santiamriverdetroitlake 051

santiamriverdetroitlake 064

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beautiful photos!!