Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tree Monsters...

We did some exploring over the weekend in a few places we have never been before.
We hiked along the Santiam River and found some really amazing looking trees. It was an enchanting spot, we imagined all the creatures that lived there. My kids pointed out the faerie homes and castles along the way(more on that to come).
Here are a few of the trees that we encountered....enormous, and very much alive. One of the trees looked as though it was about to walk away....and we found one in shaggy green sweater too.

santiamriverdetroitlake 018

santiamriverdetroitlake 022

santiamriverdetroitlake 026

santiamriverdetroitlake 032

santiamriverdetroitlake 029


gardenmama said...

Your banner looks beautiful!
What a magical spot, certainly many fairies must reside there in and around such gorgeous trees!

Mama Gone Green said...

You are so good about getting out and exploring...
I love hiking spots with enormous trees; they are always so magical!