Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Knitting with love...

I wanted to call attention to a wonderful group knitting effort of love for a little boy named Ari who just lost his mama to cancer. Please click on the photo to link to the project and to get all the details of how you can help create a knit square(or two) that will be part of this blanket of love.
Knitting is such a wonderful craft, and for me, very meditative.
I always think of the person I am knitting for while I am creating their gift. Each stitch is made with love and blessings for them and memories of that person fill my mind.
I don't personally know little Ari, but I keep thinking of him, of how I could show, if in the smallest way, a little love and some blessings from a mama who is thinking of him. From my heart to his.
I can't stop thinking of him, and the squares keep coming. Please join in!


gardenmama said...

Thank you sweet mama for sharing this love xoxo
Your squares are incredibly beautiful!

Tessa said...

tear. so sad. love how you knit with love. it makes me think of the scene in "what the bleep do we know?" where they put the different kinds of energy into the water and then analyze it. It's amazing what our energy can soak into. xoxox.

Mama Gone Green said...

How wonderful! I am planning on starting my square tonight. You figured out how to get the photo-link onto your blog... you will have to show me how since I am no get at this technical stuff!

essay service said...

Mom always love knitting:) yeah, i know. Your work is super fantastic, and i know you are a multi-talented mom:). I am also planning knitting next winter. Thank you for sharing this love with us.