Thursday, March 25, 2010

Potato stamp wall cards

I am very far behind in posting crafty stuff so I am going to try and catch up. I always take photos of the stuff I make but hardly ever follow through with posting them on the blog. Good old craft A.D.D. for ya.
Anyway I wanted to share the February's potato stamp project for the Craftalong I am participating in. (Please click on the link on my sidebar for more info and to see other Craftalong projects).
The kids and I were going to attempt to make a-z with the alphabet cards, but man, those five alone were a lot of work! I think we still will because we have many ideas for the rest of the letters( I just gotta make a mushroom for the M). But for the sake of the Craftalong...and the fact that I am practically a month behind already, we stopped at E for Easter egg.
I have a few potatoes starting to sprout eyes in the veggie basket... so I guess they are soon to be our next victims. But they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of art.


* * said...

so very, very sweet!
i love how they came out and that you did potato prints for this project : )

Mama Gone Green said...

those came out great!