Wednesday, March 10, 2010

coming out of the funk......

We have all been under the weather lately with some kind of flu. Solomon had it the worst and had a high fever for several days which left this mama feeling really helpless. But he is on the mend and acting like the happy energetic little guy we all love. Funny how he has been sick twice since weaning in February and wasn't sick even once this season before then. Nurse your babies as long as you can mamas!
To lighten our mood as we awaken from this funk I though I would post our ugly sweater family portrait and some of my favorite outtakes. These are the sweaters we wore for Sollie's ugly sweater Birthday party. Ben, Sollie and I are all wearing thrifted sweaters, Sophie's sweater was made by my paternal grandmother(It's a good ugly).
So what do you think? Who's is the worst?


Mama Gone Green said...

Heidi- yours is the worst! Glad you guys are feeling better... family sick days stink.

* * said...

hehe i am laughing over the comment above mine : ) you are a sweet family, i love your photos! many healing wishes sent your way!