Friday, March 5, 2010

Portland Yarn Crawl!

(click photo to enlarge)

Ok, so I attempted the Portland Yarn Crawl today.....I only made 6 out of the 16 yarn shops in the area, but hey, that's pretty good. I wanted to share my treasures. Starting on bottom left with that freaking adorable fuzzy wool sheep card...with the real tiny knitting needles found at Twisted. Then Plymouth Yarn CO. Happy Feet sock yarn in pretty variegated purples from The Yarn Garden. Next on top Cobblestone 100% merino wool...I could not pass up that fun and happy orange colorway found at The Naked Sheep. The green and blue variegated yarn peeking up behind the card is Cascade yarn Autunno from Happy Knits. The other items pictured were freebies....Unicorn Fibre wash and a little sock pattern with a little bit of yarn to make it with. I also got to fill out raffle tickets at each yarn shop to win a huge gift basket of yarn. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
The best part is I got to do it all by myself with my decaff americano and the station tuned to Public Radio. A good way to kill a sunny morning. I would imagine that this would have been a lot less fun with my kids in tow. I wouldn't have even tried. Maybe next year I will try to hit all 16!
I am such an old lady...hehe.

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