Friday, March 6, 2015

Three times around the sun!

Nalah is turning three today. She is a little ray of sunshine and I can't imagine my world without her.
We will be celebrating her Birthday as a family today and then having a bigger party with friends on Sunday. I went a little overboard with decorating this year. Including sewing a giant Jellyfish. I look forward to sharing her party pictures.
Two was so much fun and I will miss it. I wish I could pause her and keep her little and sweet forever. She is my last child and I am sentimental. I am not pushing her to grow up quickly, I am savoring every last bit of little kid hood. She is so special, I am one lucky Mama.

The annual sidewalk cake, a family tradition that started with Sophie. There have many sidewalk cake posts on this blog. Our cat Milo used to roll around in the chalk and turn his white fur rainbow colored, these days he is happy with making little rainbow kitty footprints.

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Mama Gone Green said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Nalah!