Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A morning hike





I have a camera again, hurray! It arrived with the mail on Saturday afternoon and I took it out first thing on Sunday morning. I even got out for a morning hike, by myself. A rare and enjoyable time it was.
This weekend was filled with lots of outdoor time, mostly spent by rivers searching for agates and jasper. Yep, it is that time of year again when I get the rock hounding itch in a major way. This winter has been so sunny and dry, I really can't remember a sunnier winter in all of the 12 years we have lived in Oregon. I am not complaining!
It is kind of hard to get back into the city life and daily grind of our normal week after a long weekend. I just want to spend everyday on the river looking for agates, really, I don't think It will ever get old.

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