Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lake Crescent


Lake Crescent has the most amazing blue water. In the deeper areas it is a dark almost cobalt blue that thins out to an almost tropical teal color in the more shallow areas. It was amazing and I have to admit I was pretty let down by the rain and the fact that I wasn't able to swim. 





It was still fun to explore the lake and it's incredible beauty. 
 I had a peaceful time drinking tea on the pebbly beach an watching the clouds as they would float over the lake, brushing the tops of the hills that surrounds it and vaporizing into the enormous trees. The warm moist weather made it feel like we were camping in the clouds and it had a beauty all it's own.


The Lake Crescent Lodge was at the other end of the lake from where we camped but we stopped to hike around in the in the amazing old growth forest and take in a view from the dock.



It was a beautiful place and Ben and I daydream about going back some day and renting one of the sweet little cottages that are right on the water,  and having a relaxing dinner in the lodge in the sun porch. He could go fishing and I could paint or knit on the shore of the lake. Hmm, this must be a kid free trip we are planning...

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Mama Gone Green said...

I wish we could go there today!