Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun little hair clips...


I am totally addicted to making these cute hair clips. I just wish I could make them as fast Nalah can lose them. She has some crazy bangs that are always hanging in her little face, but rips out ponytails and clips as soon as I put them in. I considered cutting her bangs a few weeks ago until I started making these. I have a ton of eco felt so I used that but once my embroidery skills improve and Nalah stops ripping them out and throwing them I will be ordering some wool.
This would be a fun craft-a-long party to do with other Mama's with little girls. Super quick and easy.  I love how portable this project is, no sitting in front of the sewing machine and you can even take a few supplies outside in your yard and craft in the sunshine.There are so many tutorials out there and I can find the specific one I used for the rose clip but if you just Google it there are ton of ideas out there! I found the rose tutorial on line and just made up the rest. I have a lot more ideas...




With the hot weather I have been trying to find new ways of getting my hair out of the way. My hair is literally down to my butt and it is too hot to wear down on super hot days. I am getting tired of the same old pigtail braids and pony tail so I have been finding some fun hairstyle ideas on Pinterest and Youtube.

Here is a braided side bun I tried last weekend. It turned out pretty well and lasted all day even after a pretty long hike. Know of any tutorials for super long hairstyles? Please share.


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Mama Gone Green said...

those clips are so cute! I so want to make them with you!! And Nalah seems like she got huge since I saw her last a couple of weeks ago.
And.. your hair looks amazing. Let's get together soon! This week?