Monday, November 5, 2012

8 months old, my sweet baby goose....


Here is a little update on Goobie Rue:

Our sweet little baby, we love you so, so much. You are a light in all of our lives, how could it be 8 months have passed already?
You make us laugh all the time with the way you love the cats so intensely that just spotting one of them sleeping outside in the sun or watching them as they eat their food causes you to literally shriek and jump with joy. Milo loves you back and doesn't really mind that every time he gets close enough to you to give you a headbutt he walks away minus one tiny little fist full of hair.
You also love music and you love to dance and listen to us play the guitar. You also like to play the guitar yourself and you sing while you do this, very sweetly. Your favorite song is twinkle twinkle but this is a new favorite.
You also LOVE bath time, my Pisces babe. I am thinking we may start swimming lessons together soon. We used to always take baths together but your a big girl and have started taking them alone in your little tub.
You have become shy with strangers and like to be with Mama and Papa best of all.
You eat a little bit if solid food but still are not very interested, you have tried carrots and squash and green beans and peas and sweet potato, you eat just a few bites but smile and make MMmmmm noises.
You can crawl short distances and scoot around quite well. You have been sitting up well on your own for several weeks.
Your fist word was a breathy hi, but your fist clear word, no doubt was" Papa". You miss him dearly when he is away at work and when her returns on Fridays you light up and Papa parades you around in his arms for the rest of the weekend. You wake up on Mondays wondering where he is and calling out for him. We are pretty sure you also said Sister.
The first thing you do when you wake up is try and sit up to look over at your big brothers bed to see if he is awake. Solomon can make you laugh like no one else ever has, a deep belly laugh. I can force it out when I tickle your fat little legs, but Sollie doesn't need to do much to get you to laugh. He is your best friend.
You still like to be held all the time but are starting to play a little on your own for several minutes at a time. It cracks me up when you dig around in your toy basket.  All I see is a little fuzzy brown head hunched over making a racket, picking out certain toys, tasting them then chucking them across the room and digging around for a new toy. I think you look like a little hedgehog when you do this. I think hedgehogs are your spirit animal ;)
You are finally cutting your first teeth, two on the bottom.
You hardly ever sleep. Your a terrible napper and only sleep at home in your bed for only short periods of time. When you sleep at night you keep one hand on Mama the whole night and if I try to get up your eyes pop open. You don't like to be alone. 
You still hate getting dressed. Shirts and coats are the worst. You don't like hats, so I have to tie them on, but you still get them off. Same thing with socks.
You like crowded places and loud music. I bet you would love the mall, but you have never been.
OMSI and the zoo are your favorite places to people watch.
You like to go places and get really bored sitting at home.
You have a boyfriend, his name is Pheiffer.
You are so very,very loved.

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April said...

This is so so sweet :) It's going by so so fast!!!