Thursday, November 1, 2012

Green Lantern, a strawberry and a missing ninja...







We had a great Halloween, so much fun! Solomon has been waiting since last Halloween for the day to come and is already asking again how long he has to wait to do it again:)
Solomon was very particular about the details of his costume so much so that I was still working on it the day of, making boot covers and sewing a quick symbol on a t-shirt. whew! I am still happy he is okay with being a handmade super hero but he has high standards this guy.  He chose his costume himself again this year although he changed his mind and wanted to be Spiderman after we bought all the green fabric and was a really mad little guy for about 40 seconds after I told him.."too bad". He was happy again when we found the perfect Green Lantern ring to go along with it.

Nalah is my little strawberry. I made her pants and booties and her hat is one I made for Solomon's first Halloween when he was a mushroom. It works quite well for a strawberry. Nalah loved being out at night being around lots of people, the highlight of her evening was when she spotted a cat sitting by a jack o lantern. She is an animal lover, too bad she didn't see the dog in the superman costume :)

We also had ninja in our crew. A pre-teen ninja who was too busy hanging out in her room with her friend to be photographed  with the little kids but she promised to let me take a picture of her in her costume this weekend. I know her Grandparents will want to see her in it. Her friend went along as a knitting ninja. They scored lots of candy and had so much fun.
 It has been pouring what seems like non-stop for days but the rain stopped on Halloween night and it was very warm outside, I even saw a few stars in the sky...a perfect Halloween night!


April said...

Wow, you're so talented! Love love love the costumes :)

Mama Gone Green said...

They both look so fabulous! Amazing how your find the time.....