Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yarn Along

 I am joining along with Ginny today for the Yarn Along, Yay! It seem like forever. There has been a serious lack of knitting going on these days due to lack of down time and a case of carpel tunnel syndrome from all night sewing marathons( I sell costumes on Etsy) there has been very little to report. I made my husband his annual birthday hat with some beautiful hand spun yarn I found at the Flock and Fiber Festival however, other than that.....
I am sewing together a little vest for Nalah. This vest was knit about six or seven year ago when I was in Art School, I had a MAD case of baby fever and was knitting baby sweaters for babies that were only wishful daydreams at the time. I starting knitting this sweater from Oat Couture called the "fishermen t-shirt" with a beautiful sock yarn I found at a local shop. Well it took me quite a while to knit this and it was never finished because i ran out of yarn just after the first sleeve was finished. I just decided that I would  rip it out and make something else, but it hibernated safely in my yarn stash until this summer when my mom was out for a visit and she suggested I just sew it up as a baby vest.DUh!Right? WHy didn't I think of that? All I needed to do was use the yarn in the one, useless sleeve to knit the sides together and vest. Not a failure after all. As you can see I still need to sew in some loose ends and sew on a few buttons at the top of the sleeves and hopefully my last baby...second baby after this sweater was started....will get to wear it and get a few pictures taken in it. 

Well the flowers are so pretty they sort of steal the show in my picture but that is okay. I bought them from a stand on the side of a country road last weekend when we were coming home from the pumpkin patch. I have been tempted in the past but never stopped I am so glad I did, they really brighten up the whole house and the last several days have been very dark and dreary. A little treat for myself for sewing my fingers off for work when the kids are asleep, when I would rather be watching movies or reading....



  And speaking of reading, I am reading a fantastic book right now called In the Kingdom of Men by Kim Barnes, I am really enjoying it, It is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It is about a poor young woman from Oklahoma who moves to Saudi Arabia for her husbands job with the oil industry.  I have the habit of being drawn to books set in the Middle East when I am postpartum, hmm,wonder why that is? I read The Red Tent and A Thousand Splendid Suns when  my second child was a babe, both which brought me to tears, and I also highly recommend.
Any hoo, you can read more about In the Kingdom of Men here.
What are you knitting these days?

 and p.s. After listening to all my moaning about sewing costumes you might want to click here to join my Giveaway for a toddler dragon tail costume!


Donna said...

Carpal tunnel will definitely put you in knitting time out that's for sure. Your vest looks adorable!

steph said...

great save with the vest! and very cute!!! Those kind of flowers by a roadside stand! how lucky you are!!! they are beautiful.