Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Bliss..

It is my favorite time of year again! Pumpkin Patch time! We decided to visit a new farm this year instead of heading out to our regular spot. It was fun to visit a new farm and despite going on a weekend it was much less crowded then we had anticipated.





I love Ben's facial expression here...lol. Perfect.



Check out the size of that apple. It was bigger than Nalah's head, no kidding. We actually bought it, (how could we resist?)and made an apple crisp out of one apple. It was over five cups of apple when peeled and chopped! The farm claims to use very low amounts of chemicals and sprays so I wonder what the secret to the heirloom apples are? 

I was hoping to get the perfect shot of all my kids, but my battery died shortly after this one.. Solomon was excited because he spotted a tiny pumpkin for Nalah :)

Are you ready for Halloween yet?
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April said...

We've been going to quite a few farms lately, so much fun!

April said...

Ps: Just visited the Roloff farm - is that up by you at all? Loved it!!!

Mama Gone Green said...

So funny! We always go to Sauvie's and this year we decided to go to Liepold farms as well. Way less crowded, for sure!

Casey- Sesame Seed Designs said...

I just found your blog because someone shared your dragon tail costume, then I saw this post and realized that we live in the same city! Hi from across the city!