Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two Months Old :)


Wow, my little "Goobie Rue" is two months old today. These first weeks fly by so fast. 
Nalah is cooing and "talking" to us a lot lately, it is so adorable. I have a feeling she will be an early talker. She really cracks me up and we all lover her so very, very much. It is so fun getting to know her and to watch her personality develop.
Nalah got to feel the grass with bare toes for the first time today and I got to enjoy a late afternoon walk alone with her which was a rare treat. It was a beautiful spring day with flowers exploding everywhere.  As we walked with her snuggled up close to me I thought back on my pregnancy with her and her birth day, and despite how difficult it was for me I would do it all over again for her,my sweet baby goose. I am so very blessed.






April said...

She is just gorgeous! Oh how time flies, huh? :)

house full of jays said...

Oh my, she's lovely. Those sweet cheeks and baby lips. Give her a kiss from me. :)

embracingitall said...

Oh she is sweetness and delight. I had snuggles with a friend's new baby yesterday. Aww, I am such a hopelessly clucky woman! Jacinta x

Mama Gone Green said...

love that sweet face!

Mims said...

look at those eyes! so beautiful.