Sunday, January 15, 2012

There is so much to explore....

We have been blessed with a very mild winter so far with warm days perfect for spending some time outside and ridding ourselves of that yucky trapped inside cabin fever feeling. We spent some time at a local garden, exploring and wandering and just enjoying the day. We let Solomon lead the way with his magnifying glass in hand. He ran the whole time. He was so happy having the freedom to just run where he wanted to, he had a great time. Living in a city I don't often feel comfortable to just let him explore freely very often. Although I did get a little worried when he got too far ahead since his outfit was perfect camouflage . In fact I just had a nightmare last night that we were at a park in the city and he was climbing huge ladders several stories high to go down very large slides, all the other parents at the park were calm watching their children climb but I was terrified. The after he made it safely down the huge slide we were caught in a police shoot out right there in the park. yikes! Maybe it is a hormonal thing I am going through right now.

My kids are my life and it is slightly terrifying to love them so incredibly much. I am looking forward to having our new babe safely earthside in a few weeks but also enjoying the peace of carry him or her inside, where they are safe. But I know as a mama letting go is part of it, letting our children explore and discover the world on their own is a beautiful natural thing. I am still learning to let them little by little, hoping that by the time they are college aged I will be able to deal with it just fine. Thank goodness I have several more years to practice.





Discovering new friends as well....


I love how chubby squirrels get in the winter, I just want to squeeze this little guy..

Sollie thought he was pretty cute too...

Are you coming, Mama?

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Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

What a wonderful outing, your little fella is super cute and love the squirrels.