Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yarn Along...and kind of a long rant.



Joining Ginny this week for the knit along since I have been somewhat productive and motivated the last few weeks. All I needed was some rainbow yarn to motivate me to create some new baby hats for some of the new babies that are coming into the world in my circle of friends and neighbors. I am tempted to keep them for my babe as well, but it will be more fun to knit for him or her once I know if baby is a him or her. Any baby can wear a rainbow though, right. Knitting without patterns and with happy yarn boosted my spirits.

Right now I am reading positive birthing stories from Ina May's Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May's Guide To Childbirth to get my mind prepared for giving birth again in about 6 weeks from now. Spiritual Midwifery was the first book I bought when I found out I was pregnant with my eldest. I was only 19 at the time and was very scared and wasn't getting any positive energy from anyone at the time about the baby. Spiritual Midwifery was like water to my thirsty spirit, it made me feel positive and excited for motherhood and happy to be pregnant. I know the language and ideas are very hippie and out there, but so are my current midwives and I love them. They give me nothing but positive thoughts and energy despite the difficult pregnancy I have had this time around. I will hold onto this book until I am a grandmother, it is beautiful and positive like a good friend.
I am trying to feel positive about the birth. Trying to get my body out of anemia before the birth and trying to savor the last few weeks of this pregnancy which will be my last,and looking forward to the future instead of struggling through the moment.

Speaking of the future... I am also reading a book by a local Oregon woman called To The Woods: Sinking Roots, Living Lightly, and Finding True Home by Evelyn Searle Hess. Is about a woman and her husband who leave city life to live in the woods starting pretty much from scratch, renting out their home in the city to live in a run down trailer on the nursery that they own.
Ben and I have had this same dream for years. To own land and start small with a trailer and eventually build a simple home. It is very inspiring. Evelyn was in her 50's when she moved out to the woods, so that gives me comfort that it isn't too late for us to still fulfill that dream.
We are hoping to relocate in the very near future. Due to financial hardship and absolutely no savings, and our 3rd child to be born in the next month owning land and building a home is a far away dream. But we would like to get out of the city and find a house to rent, some where the kids could play outside and we could see the stars at night. Our daughter hits the gap between Elementary School and Middle School this summer and I think it would be an ideal time for us to relocate. I am so in a nesting phase where I just wish we had a home where our children can grow up, a place to call our own, no matter how humble it may be. We are used to living on very little, and we take pleasure in being outdoors in this beautiful state. Oh to be able to hike in one's own back yard.... but I will miss bagpipe playing unicyclists riding by my window,electric bike parades and mobs of drunken folk dressed like Santa running down the street.


pinkundine said...

That really is wonderfully happy yarn, isn't it?! So very cute :)

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Your post wasn't particularly rant like ;-) I hope your dream to live on the land comes true for you. And best wishes for the birth of your babe. Being in a positive headspace makes an amazing difference I find. And I adore your knits :-)

charlotte said...

Ina May......... I lived from her books, whenever I need a little something through my pregnancys. Lovely knitting too.

Mrs. A said...

I very much understand where you are coming from - wishing and hoping and planning for peaceful family space. Sometimes it's so hard to wait patiently. I've never had bagpipes on my street, but we're very familiar with drunken hoards and parades of various types. Oh, and fireworks...sometimes in the daytime.

Beautiful knits. I am particularly drawn to the colours you've used.

Best wishes as you nest through this last stage of baby making!

sylvia said...

those little rainbow yarn hats are soo cute!
i know what you're saying about dreams and how sometimes we don't have a feeling for timing and when it is that they might be fulfilled. we are expecting our second baby this summer, and we live in an apartment in the city. the longing to have my own patch of green (could be rented too) is just growing stronger and stronger. good luck with your changes!

Mama Gone Green said...

yay for babies-to-be! spiritual midwifery was a lifesaver for both of my births!!

April said...

Lovely book choices! I'm reading both now too... :) Good luck, you're going to do great!

karen said...

I hope your dreams come true and you live in the woods soon! Congrats on the babe to be.

Claire said...

Beautiful coloured yarn, and a shared dream. Hope you manage to live your dream in the not too distant future.

Lori ann said...

i hope your dream comes true too. i love that you share it with your husband, here, the universe. it will happen.

love the book too, i bought ina mays spiritual midwifery when i was pregnant with my first, 32 years ago. it was my constant companion for years, through all five of my babies. and i still have it (and i am a grandma).

erika~ the inspired mama said...

the words of ina may really are the very best soul-food for a pregnant mama. i was pregnant with my first baby at 19 also. i was 6 months into my 20th year when he was born. what a crazy, fun adventure we have shared. he will be 18 this june!!! seriously, unbelievable.

i was actually just wondering when this new little one was expected so i am happy for this post! take good care of yourself, mama, and try to enjoy these last few weeks. can't wait to hear all about your brand new baby♥