Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another roadside attraction.......

Summer2011 117
This makes me sad, poor tree. But alas I am a hypocrite since I paid 5 bucks to drive through it. How is this tree healthy with a giant hole chainsawed through it?

And across the road...
Summer2011 120
I was reading the brochure for the tree and thought it said "Come see our Emus(rhymes with male body part)" , and I was like "Ben what is an Emus?" Duh.

Summer2011 118
We cant forget these guys...
Summer2011 090
Paul and Babe. These guys were huge. Notice the little girl on his shoe. When we got there he was having a conversation with her. It was cute. Sophie was super shy and made us promise that we wouldn't make her talk to him. Imagine having that guys job...shouting hi to all the tourists and talking to little kids all day.
Summer2011 091

Summer2011 001
This picture pretty much sums up the nastiness of this bathroom.
Getting sick of our vacation photos yet?


Anne said...

Beautiful photos...:)
I love seeing diferent parts of the world on other peoples blogs. Those Emus are a long way from home.....:)

cassie said...

i have photos of paul and babe from a trip to the redwoods i made with my grandparents when i was eight. such great memories!

thanks for your comment on my blog :)

cassie @

Anonymous said...

I remember my grandparents used to take us camping at that Paul Bunyan campground, glad it is still there, hilarious! Looks like you had fun!

Mama Gone Green said...

I remember driving through that tree when I was a kid!

simona said...

what? 5 bucks? well, now you can say you've driven through a tree... :)
i'm glad you pointed out how huge these sculptures were, i didn't see the girl on the shoe and so didn't have a comparison.
still enjoying your pictures!