Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Animal land and by sea

redwoodvacation 027
Can you spot the Sea Lions?
redwoodvacation 030
Here is a closer look...
redwoodvacation 029

redwoodvacation 035

redwoodvacation 057

redwoodvacation 064
Yes this is an Emu (more on that later).

We saw two large herds of Elk. Both times they were standing in the middle of the road. The first batch was on a back road to a coastal hiking trail and the second herd with huge males was standing in the middle of Hwy 101 right beyond a sharp turn. I pulled over and got a few blurry shots.
redwoodvacation 049

redwoodvacation 066

redwoodvacation 069

I am relieved we saw no bears. I love bears but never want to cross paths with one while hiking with my children.


Mama Gone Green said...

Awesome! Love the new header as well.

embracingitall said...

Some great wildlife shots. I took a double look when I saw the emu! We see them occasionally when going to get my daughter from school along with a bunch of kangaroos. Jacinta