Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wANdErING wEDnesdaY......

fall2010 017

We wandered out of the city for a drive in the country. Not sure where we were going, we were just trying to capture the last moments of the summer...somewhere out in the woods.
We discovered a beautiful hidden gem of a park....on a winding road out towards the mountains. There was a rocky creek running through the park and my children and I jumped from stone to stone.It was great fun and luckily my camera fits in my back pocket, so I took this shot on a stone in the middle of the creek.
I have just noticed all of the wanderings I have posted are in water!
I'm drawn to it, what can I say?

(inspired by gardenmama)

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gardenmama said...

I have loved that all of your wanderings have led you to the water, this photo is so beautiful. Each one has been so refreshing! xo