Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bubble Printing....

kidscrafts 001

kidscrafts 003

kidscrafts 004

kidscrafts 009

kidscrafts 007

Every Wednesday afternoon I teach a little arts and crafts class for kids. This week we did bubble prints and they were so pretty I though I would share them here with you. This is my first experience with bubble printing, I have never heard of it before a few weeks ago. I know I would have used this painting technique while I was in art school. I think it is so beautiful and fun too.
All you do is mix a bit of paint( a tsp , if that) with liquid soap and a tablespoon or so of water into a dish or bowl and blow into it with a straw until the bubbles are exploding over the top of your container. Then stamp you paper over the top and the bubbles will pop leaving beautiful prints. We used acrylic paint but I am sure tempra and liquid watercolor would work just as well.
Make sure the kids you are crafting are old enough to blow, not suck into the straw. Blowing lightly works best, one little girl left craft time with a face full of purple freckles.