Monday, February 15, 2010

R.I.P my little pink Sony.....

Things may be a little dark around here as far a pictures go, due to the death of my camera. The tape was no longer doing it's job after Sollie announced to me one day last week when he was momentarily unattended......"Mama,...boke cama," and then handed me several pieces with a sad look on his face. Afterall, he used it as much as I did.
But I feel lost without one. I really did use it on a daily basis and it was a good camera getting me through my final years of art school and obsesive use after Solomon was born, and documenting my life on this little blog.
At first this camera was a source of embarassment due to it's pink color...... however it's pink color also made it 50$ cheaper it is the one I came home with. I got over it though. Now I feel a little sentimental. Maybe I would even consider burying it in the yard, but I am pretty sure it is toxic......
I think I shall post a few pictures that S0llie has taken with it over the next few days.
Hopefully it won't be too long before we are in action once again.

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