Thursday, February 4, 2010

Craftalong project#1 Needle Case

I am participating in a craftalong using the lovely book, The Children's Year by Cooper,Fynes-clinton and Rowling.Please click on the link(craftalong 2010) on my sidebar for more information on the craftalong.
I am a little behind for the first project for January. I just purchased the book yesterday at a cute local Waldorf shop, but I got started right away and after a few hours (in between dinner and bedtimes) it was finished!
This project was so much fun and almost instant gratification. I can see this needle case coming in handy for traveling .....maybe for a weekend yurt camping at the coast.
I modified the pattern a little adding a loop and button closure rather than the ties. The yarn is a bit of Noro leftover from Solomons Birthday present.

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