Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day Trip

We had a lovely trip to the coast for Mother's Day. The weather was nice except for the storms that blew in both nights. The first night the winds kept us awake and the second night it was thunder and hail. It was pretty exciting. We got a ton of agates too since the storm churned up the beaches pretty good. Solomon got to walk on the beach for the first time and pick up rocks. He liked to throw rocks into the surf, which was good exercise for me, pulling him back and running when the waves came rolling in. He has no fear and would have willingly walked right into the ocean. But it my opinion it still wasn't warm enough for a soaking wet baby. We did see a few kids swimming, but then there were kids in coats and hats building sandcastles too.
When the weather is sunny one minute and pouring the next it is hard to be too picky when out in the elements. We got lucky it seemed whenever we were OUT the weather was sunny and warm. We had the beaches almost to oursleves this time. That isn't going to be the case after school is out in a few weeks.

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