Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At the fair and the farmers market

This little pony has freckles, so sweet!


Mom,this ones for you..

We didn't play any of the carnival games which was torture for Sophie. They sure do a good job of luring little kids with bright plastic toys.

This game was super creepy,check out the lady at the organ in the back. Each prop has a little target which is shot at with a shotgun. If the target is hit the prop becomes animated.(Shiver)...ahh did I mention it was creepy?

Sophie buried in corn.

I found corn in very uncomfortable places on Solomon later in the day.

Flowers at the farmers market

Hanging out at the Waldorf School playground.

Getting his daily dose of running away from mama.

Lazy day by the river.

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Tessa said...

The river looks lovely!