Monday, June 8, 2015

Still Rockhounding in the Heatwave

Wow, it was a hot one this weekend. Due to some health problems hot weather makes me really ill so I was avoiding it as much as possible.
We did end up at the river for a while on Saturday to have a picnic. I realized it was way too hot to not jump in the river despite not packing suits for the kids. They were happy to jump in anyway. I haven't owned a swimsuit in years, think I need to get one. Especially since it is looking to be 90 all wee. yuck.
I was the only crazy person looking for rocks despite the large crowds of people on the river. Found some good ones, although I almost cooked myself. I can't wait to go back on a cool rainy day!

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essay best said...

Perfect way to kill the heat way. I remember when we used to go to lakes, we also do rock hounding. That post brought back some old memories