Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yarn Along: A finished Alligator

 Hello! Joining along with Ginny again for the Yarn Along. I finished the Alligator Scarf  that I was working on from last week so I am just showing the finished product. My sons suggestion to add eyeballs really makes it I think. I just needle felted a pair of eyeballs and sewed them on with needle and thread. I really love the added touch. It was a fun knit. I will definitely make another one at some point. My two year old wants a pink one now to match her brother. 
I  am wondering what to knit next? February is my birthday month so maybe I will choose something for myself? Think I might have an idea and if I  still need help I have a Ravelry favorite list long enough to fill many lifetimes. 


I am currently reading The Last Best Cure By Donna Jackson Nakazawa. It is really inspiring to read an uplifting story about someone overcoming chronic health issues. I am currently dealing with problems with my own health and have been reading a lot of non fiction books related to treating the root cause of autoimmune diseases and seeking ways that I can help myself return to good health.
Also still reading ..

The Good Life Life Lab by Wendy Jehanara Tremayne. I adore this book and recommend it to anyone who in interested in alternative home building and alternative off the grid lifestyles. This book is a true story of a couple who quit great high powered jobs in New York city to live a life off the grid in New Mexico. They are incredibly creative and talented and inspiring people. The book is also filled with beautiful illustrations, recipes and how to's. I highly recommend it!
What have you been knitting lately? Are you reading a great book?
Join along !


Donna said...

That alligator is awesome! The eyes are just perfect. That sounds like an intriguing book. I love to read stories like that but I don't know if I could ever live like that for an extended period of time. I guess I am a wimp!

LauraLillyLaura said...

The alligator is so much fun. What a great scarf, you did a wonderful job!

Unknown said...

I NEED to remember the alligator scarf as a future knitting project for my son. I LOVE it!!

mamabyrd said...

Wow! What a super cool scarf! I bet your son just loves it.

Mama Gone Green said...

It looks great!

Tonya Gunn said...

Love that scarf. And I also have been enjoying the second book you wrote about.

Anonymous said...

I am totally in love with your Alligator scarf!!
I had planned on making Garren a enormous snake for his birthday so Ive been trying to adapt it from Kate's Foxs Lane blog as I really cant crochet to save my life! But I may just have to do this one for him too!!
Thank you.
New to your lovely blog ~ I found you over at Ginny's and I'm enjoying perusing through xx
Have a blessed weekend xx

Anonymous said...

That alligator is superb! Great job!!