Friday, April 4, 2014

My Birthday Girl 13 Years Ago...

Wow. This picture was taken in the very begging of my mothering journey. I really can't believe my baby Sophie is a teenager now. I was just a few months out of my teen years myself when she was born. Time really goes so fast and children grow and change so much over the years.
This photo cracks me up because I remember finding that sling a box of hand me down baby clothes from a friend. The only time I used it was for this photo. I remember my mom and I going out into the yard of the house where I grew up to take this photo and I remember saying, "I don't think this is right". Sophie did not last in it very long either. Don't worry, I later bought a ring sling, that I used correctly.
Children growing up is so bittersweet. I ache for the younger versions of my children. Maybe it is that I am afraid of them growing up and needing me less. I am starting to panic a little.

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Unknown said...

13 years old?! That's unreal!

I think I will bawl my eyes out when my girls turn 13 (and 18, and 21, and 30).

What a sweet picture. I have some funny sling pictures too.

Wishing you a lovely day.