Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Goonies themed Birthday Adventure...

My family and I rented a cabin at Fort Stevens State Park last weekend for my Birthday. Since we were so near Astoria, Oregon I though it would be fun to have a Goonies themed  birthday vacation. This was not my first time visiting  the Goonies house, many years ago Ben and I and some friends from out of state drove all over Astoria for hours trying to find the house on our own. We rolled down windows and asked little kids who were out riding bikes where the Goonies house was and they had no idea hat we were talking about. How sad! Little kids who LIVED in Astoria did not know what the Goonies was! We ended up finally stopping at the Chamber of Commerce and asking the lady who gave us a map of the town that has the Goonies house clearly labeled with a red star on the map. The woman who worked there was so sweet,and still works there actually. She will give you all the information you will ever need on local Goonies facts.
This around time around we knew where we were going, but my kids were clueless as to what we were doing because they hadn't seen the movie since they were babies.
My plan was to get the movie for to watch at the cabin with the kids that night(we got a delux cabin with the DVD player) but if you think you can find the Goonies movie in Astoria last minute you are mistaken. It was sold out everywhere.
So we watched The Neverending Story instead and had a Goonies marathon when we got back to Portland. It was a fun 80's nostalgic weekend.
We rode a carousel, visited candy shops and toy stores, visited some noisy seal lions and played on the beach....and the kids had fun too ;)
Still young at heart I guess.
I have many more ocean pictures to share but I will save that for a little later.
My family and I outside the Goonies House. (Photo taken by another movie fan).

Dealing with people outside your house posing and taking photos must get pretty annoying.

This is the jail from the opening scene of the movie, it is now a film museum. I was told if you pay 6$ you can go have your picture taken with Sloth(no not the real guy). I am regretting not going in, next time for sure!

The beach scene from the movie when the kids were outside the old restaurant . This is from Ecola State Park which I had not been to in years, it is so gorgeous there.

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April said...

Haha how fun! I love it... happy birthday, belated :)