Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nalah's First Birthday Party....











Last weekend we celebrated Nalah's Birthday with a few of our friends and her Uncle Cory. It was a beautiful sunny warm day and there were lots of bubbles and cupcakes and a good time was had by all,but most of all the Birthday Girl. She was playing like a big kid with all her older friends. She seems so much more grown up since then. She is taking her one year milestone very seriously.
She took her first steps a few days before her Birthday and has been putting lots of practice in since then. She still prefers to crawl since she can keep up with her brother better that way.

I made her a video much like the one I made for Solomon's first year. I don't feel as sad this time around. First Birthdays were really emotional for me with my other two babies, I always loved the baby stage so much. I am happy Nalah is getting bigger. She was never happy trapped in her little baby body, now that she is able to get around and play she is a much happier baby, and I am a happier mama too.

But looking back at how fast it went it's hard not to get a little teary.


Mama Gone Green said...

what a sweet slide show! Made me teary eyed too!! :)

April said...

Oh my how I love that video!!!! I can't believe she's a year already... happiest of birthdays to you Nalah!