Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just the two of us....

It doesn't happen often. Every five years or so Ben and I have had the opportunity to have a night away from our children. This past summer I won a vacation package here in Oregon that included a nights stay at a garden resort about 2 hours away from the city with dinner and wine included. We had planned on visiting this summer but I was too ill to make the trip so we cancelled. Luckily Ben's parents are in town for the holidays and were willing to watch the kids so we could try again before the certificate expired at the end of this month.
Unfortunately the garden was mostly dead by this time of year, but the frozen early morning dew made it beautiful in a different way.








April said...

Gorgeous :) So glad you guys got to get away.

Sew Flippin Cool said...

So happy that you guys got some time for yourselves! I've been thinking of you this holiday season, especially since reading your self proclaimed "rant" a couple weeks ago. Glad to know things are looking a little brighter. If I can help at all, even just getting the kids together for a playdate, maybe a little crafting or something, let me know!

trish said...

Gorgeous photographs. Glad you got to go away together. xxx