Friday, August 5, 2011

A bit of fresh air...

Since I have been house bound for the last month I really need to get out once in a while in order to keep myself from going completely insane. It is very hard to watch the sunny days go by out the window, as I know the sun will soon be gone and months of rain will take it's place. Summer is brief and precious and it has been hard not to be able to enjoy it. I have made a new goal to get outside everyday even if it means just sitting in a lawn chair in the sun. I am hoping to build that up to a small walk around the block every day until I can get my strength back. I noticed that the muscles in my legs have withered away, especially in my calves and this has really shocked me..and scared me a little too. The difficulty of this past month has really taken a toll on my body. I went from hiking up the mountain every day to not leaving my home for weeks and not able to do much more than sit with my feet up. I have lost a lot of weight too.
I was supposed to have an ultrasound a few weeks ago but it got bumped up to next week. I was really stressed about that because I want to see that everything is okay with the babe despite my Hyperemesis.
The chances of getting Hyperemesis is greater for mamas who are carrying more than one baby and women who are having a molar pregnancy. I really just want to know what is going on. I hope there is a healthy babe in there and that I haven't suffered all these weeks for nothing, that would be really hard to say the least. My only problem now is to wonder how I am going to hold fluids down long enough to get an ultrasound? I am still not able to take large drinks of water without losing it right away, and I think you need to drink like 20 oz of fluid or more to get a clear picture.
Alright, enough about my freakish medical problems....
What could be a better pick me up than a drive in the country and a stop to see our favorite goat? On Ben's day off we drove to Sauvie Island which is North West of Portland. It was a beautiful day and it was good to get out of the city and roll the car windows down. I luckily didn't get sick in the car although I did have my trusty blue bucket along. We stopped at one of our favorite farms and visited Victor the goat and Lucy the llama along with a few other barn friends.



Sollie spotted" another bunny" in the barn, which turned out to be a little mouse in a hay stack. That Sollie's got a good eye I tell ya, he always notices things we don't see. When we were on our trip to the Redwoods earlier this summer he would notice banana slugs in the ferns as I hiked past with him riding in the backpack. And I am a pretty fast downhill hiker,especially with extra weight behind me, but he would yell "Mama stop go back, I saw a slug" and we would stop and go back and sure enough there would be one hidden a way. To the rest of us it was just a blur.

It was nice to get out of the house, if just for a little while. I am really hoping to have a few good days in August so I can enjoy the last moments of summer. In the past few weeks I have become quite the Netflix junky. I am running out of good movies in my queue, so if you read this and wouldn't mind giving me a few good movie suggestions, this sick mama sure would appreciate it.


Mims said...

have you seen the "veronica mars" tv series? i feel in love with it from netflix.

Wintry said...

So glad you are feeling good enough to get out some! I highly recommend Sherlock from the masterpiece mystery on Netflix. I really enjoyed them!

Mama Ash Grove said...

Dear Heidi, I am sorry you are still suffering! I hope your ultra sound results are good ones!
Have you seen "Bright Star?" The story of John Keats- I really do not enjoy movies, but this one is a beautiful work of art.

mb said...

ugh, i know a few mamas who suffered from hyperemesis (one had healthy twin boys and one a healthy boy... all healthy vibes coming your way!!!) anyway i feel for you, it is a long hard journey.

cassie said...

last year i fell in love with Friday Night Lights and Bones on netflix while i was up at all hours nursing my newborn. i also really love The West Wing, but it is only available on dvd, not instant view.

hope you're feeling better!