Sunday, February 6, 2011

Illustration Sunday.....

illustrations 075

illustrations 069

illustrations 071

illustrations 077

A few weeks ago I came across this beautiful book in a book store called An Illustrated Life, so I checked it out from the local library, naturally. This book is a glimpse into the private sketchbooks of several different artist. I was humbled when I came across the pages of a friend whom I graduated with, and another few pages taken by one of my former teachers. Both of them truly deserve to be in this book , both of them are constantly sketching and fill book after book with their beautiful drawings,some no one may ever see.
So naturally finding this book inspired me to get going on my own sketch book.
I used to be really great at keeping a sketch book and was always drawing, but this was in high school, for some reason when I was in art school and we were required to keep one and even got graded on them, I stopped doing it on my own, maybe it's the rebel in me. But now would just be the perfect time to fall in love with keeping a sketch book once again, I Look forward to sharing my sketches here with you. (Please forgive the dark photos of my book, I am hoping to get a scanner soon.)


witte's end studio said...

great start to a great habit. even a short time away from drawing lets your right brain get lazy. i know this from personal experience. love the animals. keep up the good work. thanks for your comments.

simona said...

heidi, your sketches are adorable!
i know exactly what you're talking about... after art school the sketch book was tossed into the corner. the whole grading thing turned it into a chore.
i just resumed sketching, i actually started a sketch-a-day project i'd love for you to join! (
can't wait to see more of your cute drawings!